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June 4, 2019

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There is a lot of buzz these days about “self care”. Self care isn’t something new. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. But we all know how easy it is to skip on self care essentials when you are such a busy gal. Work, kids, household chores, commitments and deadlines…all of your daily responsibilities can get in the way of making yourself a priority. We’ve got 52 Weeks of Self Care Saturdays to help you make time for the most important person in the world: BEAUTIFUL YOU!

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Why Self Care should be a priority.

Taking the time to take care of yourself is so important to your overall well-being. Not only is it important to your health, but it also is key to mental wellness. You are always taking care of others. Your kids. Your spouse. Your family. Your pets. Your job.

It is 100% ok to stop the world and spend time, energy, and even a little cha-ching on yourself. Unplug and unwind, girl. Even if you have to schedule it, create the time to pamper and indulge yourself.​

From a splurge spa day to DIY at home, everyone can create their own Self Care Saturday. Family Dollar is one of my personal fave places to pick up the latest beauty and personal care items. There is a store very close to my house, so making self care a priority is convenient.

Family Dollar offers all of the quality, brand name items that I look for at a great value. You can now save even more by using Family Dollar Smart Coupons.

A container of moisturizing cream next to a scented candle and shower puff.

I just tried the Dove Intensive Nourishing Care Cream from Family Dollar. This moisturizing cream is deeply moisturizing and is great for so many of my “spa Saturdays” at home.

Dove is an extra rich, fast absorbing cream that softens, smooths and intensively moisturize dry and stressed parts of the body. Designed to bring moisture back to patches of dry skin. It combines nourishing ingredients and a generous dose of Active Moisturizer for deep-down effectiveness.

Dove Intensive Cream

My skin has three major dry areas that I work into my self care routine as much as possible: my feet, my hands, and my elbows. However, I have a pet peeve…I don’t like greasy-feeling moisturizers. Dove Intensive Nourishing Care Cream is really perfect for my problem areas.

So I indulge. I put it on my feet and slip on my fuzzy socks and put my feet up while reading a steamy romance novel. 🙂 Sure, I should be reading a self-help book, but … romance is king. Besides, this is my Saturday, right?

52 Weeks of Self Care Ideas:

  1. Sleep in late. Turn off the alarm. Keep those blinds and curtains closed. Enjoy a few more hours of sleep and let your body recharge.
  2. Read a book. When is the last time you read an actual book? Make arrangements for a day of peace and quiet and curl up with a good book you’ve been wanting to read.
  3. Get a facial. You can visit a spa or do this at home, but indulge in a little beauty pampering with a pore-cleansing facial treatment.
  4. Dine with friends. If life has been too busy for you to catch up with friends, schedule a brunch or lunch date with your besties.
  5. Try yoga. Yoga can prepare your body for long term health. Plus it is known to quickly change your physical and mental state. Even for beginners. Look online for free classes.
  6. Go to the movies. Get in your car and actually drive to the theater. Catch an afternoon matinee. Solo! This way you don’t have to argue with anyone about what movie to see.
  7. Walk in the park. Enjoy the beauty of nature at a local park or walking track. Lace up those walking shoes and go. Even 30 minutes of walking at a leisurely pace will do your mind and body good.
  8. Mani / pedi time. Ok, maybe some of you don’t need a Self Care reminder to take care of your hands and feet. But some of us (GUILTY!) have put it off for entirely too long. (Be sure to use your Dove after.)
  9. Meditate. There is no wrong way to meditate. If you have never tried it before, start with 15 minutes of quiet, peaceful reflection on your week. Focus on the positive events and practice deep breathing.
  10. Bubble bath. Yeah. A good old-fashion bubble bath counts as self care. A long, hot bath is relaxing and gives you time to competely zone out.
  11. Get a massage. Massage can help you relax. But did you know it also helps your body release toxins? It can also help you sleep better and reduce pain and fatigue. Sign me up!
  12. Journaling. Journaling is like meditation in that there is no wrong way to do it. Whether you prefer to bullet journal or write out long-form diary entries, expressing yourself in written form is a fantastic way to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.
  13. Unplug all day. No phone zone, babes. No tv. No computer. No technology whatsoever. Try it. For one day. It is liberating!
  14. Exfoliate. Invest in a great exfloliation scrub or make your own. Your skin will thank you. Exfoliating helps clear away dead skin cells and reveals a glowing complexion.
  15. Moisturize. Don’t skip all over moisturizing. Dove Intensive Nourishing Care Cream is an excellent choice.
  16. Paint a picture. Feeling creative? You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to get in on the fun. Pick up some inexpensive art supplies and let your inner artist express herself. Not into paint? Coloring, knitting, scrapbooking…pick any creative medium that makes you happy.
  17. Detox soak. Rid your body of excess toxins by soaking in an epsom salt bath.
  18. Go on a picnic. Pack a light, easy lunch and find a shady spot to enjoy. This is fun to do with family or even all by yourself.
  19. Buy yourself flowers. Flowers always boost my mood plus they are super pretty. Who needs to wait on a special occasion? Swing by a local nursery or florist and buy a bunch. Place them in vases or jars in every room. Instant self care.
  20. Call an old friend. If you have an old friend who you’ve lost touch with, give them a call. Social media can often get in the way of real connection.
  21. Get a planner. If you don’t use a daily or weekly planner, consider investing in one. Take the time to fill it out. Organizing your time can often be an act of self care by giving you peace of mind and a feeling of accomplishment.
  22. Ride your bike. If the tires aren’t flat and the chain isn’t rusted, break out your wheels and take it for a spin around the block.
  23. Deep stretching. Stretching is free. And it loosens your muscles and tendons which relieves muscle fatigue and increases blood flow.
  24. Sip herbal tea. Wrap your hands around a warm mug of your favorite herbal tea blend.
  25. Do kegels. Kegel exercises not only help with incontinence, but they also lead to better sex. And that’s definitely taking care of yourself, am I right?
  26. Snuggle with the dog. You. Pooch. Couch. Enough said.
  27. Take a nap. Remember nap time as a kid? Remind me again why we don’t still do that?
  28. Make fruit water. Make your own vitamin-enriched fruit water. Add slices of your favorite fruit or berries to ice cold water. Chill in the fridge and enjoy.
  29. Do a puzzle. Your brain needs a little TLC, too. But not the work kind. Do a crossword puzzle or even put together a jigsaw puzzle for mental stretching.
  30. Pay it forward. Running errands on this lovely day? Find a small way to pay it forward. Pick up the person’s purchase in the drive-thru. Same at the dry cleaners, deli, parking ticket… The gesture does not have to be over the top.
  31. Date yourself. That’s right, sugar. Put on that pretty dress, fix your hair, and go to your favorite restaurant. All by yourself. Order dessert, too. Not hungry? How about a trip to the museum or that new fabric shop you’ve been wanting to go to? The day is yours.
  32. Binge on ‘flix. Lock the doors, open up a pint of ice cream, slip on your fuzzy socks andbinge watch your show.
  33. Be selfish all day. Self care isn’t selfish, but you may have to be “selfish” with your time.
  34. Volunteer. Giving your time to others is very rewarding and is good for the soul.
  35. Dance a little. Turn up the tunes and shake what your mama gave ya’.
  36. Plan a vacay. Sit down and create a budget that will allow you to take a little well-deserved vacation. A long weekend, a full week…even a day away can do wonders.
  37. Declutter 1 room. Clear the clutter for a clear mind.
  38. Hair treatment. Give your lovely locks extra attention with a deep moisturizing treatment.
  39. Get sunshine. Vitamin D, please!
  40. Perfect a morning routine. If your mornings stress you out, take the time to simplify and come up with a new, easy routine to start your day off.
  41. Delete Facebook “friends”. Don’t let the stresses of social media weigh you down. It is ok to only connect with the positive people in your life that you are close to.
  42. Get a multivitamin. Hate to sound like your mom, but this is a self care must.
  43. Healthy meal plan. Use a self care Saturday to plan out your meals for the week. Research a healthy eating plan, shop, and meal prep.
  44. Aromatherapy candles. A girl can never have too many scented candles. Time for a new one!
  45. Take the back road. Hop in the car, gas up the tank, roll the windows down and take a slow drive out in the country.
  46. Whiten your teeth. It is hard to mess with perfection, but nothing wrong with a whiter smile. 🙂
  47. Try a bikini wax. So self care sometimes is a little painful,, but you’ll love the smooth results.
  48. Visit the library. Stroll through the shelves, pick out a few books, enjoy the silence.
  49. Take a class. Expand your horizons and take a class.
  50. Make a bucket list. Everyone talks about their bucket list, but have you actually sat down and written down your life’s goals?
  51. Create a vision board. Not sure where to start? Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas on how to create a visual representation of your life goals, core values, and then make it.
  52. Buy luxury sheets. You spend so much time in the sack, shouldn’t it be a luxurious experience?

Self are means giving yourself permission to pause.

-Cecilia Tran
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